A Better Vision for Bylong

Beautiful Bylong Valley holds the secret to rehydrating the Australian landscape, and Tarwyn Park is the key.

But beautiful Bylong Valley was in big trouble… A Korean energy company wants to turn Bylong Valley into a coal mine.

Imagine… a better vision for Bylong Valley. Tarwyn Park as a centre for Restorative Agriculture. Students, researchers and practitioners visiting from around the world. Thousands of jobs and export opportunities for Mudgee and beyond.

Natural Sequence Farming was developed and tested by Peter Andrews OAM at Tarwyn Park in Bylong Valley.
Peter has proven that the Australian landscape contains the blueprint we need to restore biodiversity and farm productivity.

The UN has recognised Natural Sequence Farming as 1 of only 5 methods of sustainable agriculture in the world and is about to declare the next 10 years… “The Decade of Landscape Restoration”.
The Australian Government has said Natural Sequence Farming “needs to be replicated right around our nation”.
They have put aside five billion dollars to drought-proof Australia.
Peter Andrews is ready to go. Tarwyn Park is ready to go. Millions of people have been inspired by the Australian Story.

Now, the NSW Independent Planning Commission has REJECTED the Bylong Coal Project.
So, together we can move forward with a better vision for Bylong.
You can help make a difference. Share this story so that others can take hope and get involved.

Be part of a better vision for Bylong.

We acknowledge the Wiradjuri nation, elders past, present and future, the Traditional Owners of Bylong Valley.

Produced by Friendly Farms.

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