A Gift of Nature with Dr Jan Pokorný

Which is better... the shade of an umbrella or the shade of a tree?
A random leaf falling into Dr Jan Pokorný’s beer in Bohemia, (Czech Republic), sparks this intriguing question and leads to the discovery of how trees help moderate global climate.

Jan Pokorný is the Director of ENKI (NGO), co-founder of the Rain For Climate movement as well as co-author of the groundbreaking book, "Water for the Recovery of Climate, A New Water Paradigm".


Filmed in Třeboň and South Moravian regions of Bohemia (Czech Republic), Plitviče Lakes (Croatia), Košice region (Slovakia), Bylong Valley & Mulloon Creek (NSW, Australia). With special thanks to ABC TV for Australian Story footage.

Produced by Friendly Farms - www.friendlyfarms.org.au

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