Saving Tarwyn Park - Peter Andrews and the Battle For Bylong

In July 2016, Peter Andrews, the pioneering founder of Natural Sequence Farming, returned to his beloved Tarwyn Park with 20 horses - as a squatter. Peter is making his last stand on the land he transformed into one of the best examples of regenerative agriculture in Australia today. The legendary farm has been sold to Kepco, a Korean coal mining company, who intends to dig up the prime agricultural land of Tarwyn Park and turn the beautiful Bylong Valley into an enormous open cut coal pit. We filmed this interview with Peter as he walked the land one last time with Bruce and Richard Fleming, previous owners of Tarwyn Park... a once in lifetime experience.

You can stand with Peter Andrews and help save Tarwyn Park and the Bylong Valley from coal mining. Join the Battle For Bylong at

And most urgently, please sign the petition to get Tarwyn Park heritage listed at

"The place should be a bloody shrine, not a hole in the ground.” - Gerry Harvey

Story produced for Friendly Farms by Peter Dowson & Beatrice Ludwig. With thanks to Digital Storytellers for filming equipment.

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