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Happy World Wildlife Day from Bylong Valley, NSW!

4 March 2019

Australia is home to the some of the most unique and beautiful wildlife on Earth.

But aggressive mining projects are pushing our animal friends to the edge of extinction. KEPCO’s proposed coal mine in Bylong Valley would destroy even more wildlife habitat.

Some of the animals that call Bylong home include…

The Regent Honeyeater. There are less than 400 birds left.

The Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby. Its home on the cliffs would collapse.

The Tiger Quoll. A rare and endangered carnivore.

And the New Holland Mouse, a little cutie! It doesn’t know what is coming.

Each year, 3 March is World Wildlife Day.

Let’s help Australian wildlife and stop the KEPCO coal mine. So that every day can be wildlife day… in beautiful Bylong Valley.

Please share this story.

Join the Battle for Bylong:

Footage credits: Regent Honeyeater: Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby: Tiger Quoll: Parks VIC (Grampians) Tiger Quoll: Otto V New Holland Mouse: Priam Psittaculture Centre Research & Breeding (PPC R&B) Photo credit: Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby by Donald Hobern

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A Pebble Upstream with Michal Gažovič, Slovakian Landscape Ecologist

Published on 16 February 2019

In the stunning panorama of the High Tatras of Slovakia, Landscape Ecologist, Dr. Ing. Michal Gažovič, uses simple yet effective water retention measures, such as Check Dams, to slow down and store water in the mountainous terrain. This “pebble upstream” approach prevents flooding downstream in the nearby villages and allows the landscape to benefit from an automatically aggrading sedimentary system. Dr. Ing. Michal Gažovič is a Landscape Ecologist with Rain For Climate. Find out more at

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A Better Vision for Bylong

Published on 13 November 2018

Beautiful Bylong Valley holds the secret to rehydrating the Australian landscape, and Tarwyn Park is the key.

But beautiful Bylong Valley is in big trouble… A Korean energy company wants to turn Bylong Valley into a coal mine.

Imagine… a better vision for Bylong Valley. Tarwyn Park as a centre for Restorative Agriculture. Students, researchers and practitioners visiting from around the world. Thousands of jobs and export opportunities for Mudgee and beyond.

Natural Sequence Farming was developed and tested by Peter Andrews OAM at Tarwyn Park in Bylong Valley. Peter has proven that the Australian landscape contains the blueprint we need to restore biodiversity and farm productivity.

The UN has recognised Natural Sequence Farming as 1 of only 5 methods of sustainable agriculture in the world and is about to declare the next 10 years… “The Decade of Landscape Restoration”.

The Australian Government has said Natural Sequence Farming “needs to be replicated right around our nation”. They have put aside five billion dollars to drought-proof Australia.

Peter Andrews is ready to go. Tarwyn Park is ready to go. Millions of people have been inspired by the Australian Story.

Now, we ask the NSW Government to reject the Bylong Coal Project so we can move forward with a better vision for Bylong.

You can help make a difference. Share this story. Support a better vision for Bylong.

We acknowledge the Wiradjuri nation, elders past, present and future, the Traditional Owners of Bylong Valley.

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이제 우리는 우리가 바이롱 계곡은 (Bylong Valley) 를 구할 수 있도록 한국을 요청합니다. (A Better Vision For Bylong)

28 September 2018

아름다운 바이롱 계곡은 (Bylong Valley) Beautiful Bylong Valley

호주의 자연을 되살릴 비밀을 지니고 있으며 Holds the secret to restoring Australia.

타윈 파크 (Tarwyn Park) 는 이를 여는 열쇠입니다. And Tarwyn Park is the key.

하지만 아름다운 바이롱 계곡은 (Bylong Valley) 큰 위기에 처해있습니다. But the beautiful Bylong Valley is in great danger.

한국전력공사가(Kepco) 바이롱 계곡을 탄광으로 개발하려고 합니다. KEPCO wants to develop the Bylong Valley as a coal mine.

바이롱 계곡의 더 나은 미래를 상상해보세요. Imagine a better future for Bylong Valley.

타윈 파크는 (Tarwyn Park) 복원 농업 (Restorative Agriculture) 의 중심지입니다. Tarwyn Park as a center for Restorative Agriculture.

전세계의 학생, 연구자, 전문가들이 이곳을 방문하며, Students, researchers and practitioners visiting from around the world.

지역사회(Mudgee)와 그 너머까지 아우르는 수 천개의 일자리와 수출의 기회가 이곳에서 만들어집니다. Thousands of jobs and export opportunities covering Mudgee and beyond!

또한 피터 앤드류의 OAM (Peter Andrews OAM) 은 이곳 타윈 파크 (Tarwyn Park) 에서 자연복원농법(Natural Sequence Farming) 을 개발했습니다. Here, Peter Andrew's OAM developed Natural Sequence Farming at Tarwyn Park.

피터는 호주의 풍경에 생물 다양성을 복원하고 농장 생산성을 회복에 필요한 청사진을 가지고 있음을 입증했습니다. Peter has proven how to restore biodiversity in Australian landscapes and has the blueprint for restoring farm productivity.

자연복원농법은 유엔이 선정한 5가지의 몇 안 되는 지속가능한 농법 중 하나입니다. Natural Sequence Farming is one of the five few sustainable agriculture methods selected by the United Nations.

유엔은 향후 10년을 “자연 복원의 10년”으로 선언할 예정입니다. The United Nations will declare the next decade as “The Decade of Landscape Restoration." 호주 정부는 “자연복원농법이 전국에 널리 퍼져야 한다”고 이야기했습니다.

The Australian Government said that “Natural Sequence Farming should spread throughout the country." 그들은 가뭄 방지를 위해 5십억 예산을 따로 보유하고 있습니다.

They have a budget of AUD$5 Billion to drought-proof Australia. 피터 앤드류는 (Peter Andrews) 나설 준비가 되었습니다. Peter Andrews is ready to go. 타윈 파크 (Tarwyn Park) 는 나설 준비가 되었습니다. Tarwyn Park is ready to go.

수많은 사람들이 이 이야기에 감명을 받았습니다. Millions of people have been impressed by this Australian Story.

저희들이 한국전력의 호주 바이롱밸리(Bylong Valley) 석탄 광산사업을 막을 수 있도록 도와주세요.

Now, please help us to stop KEPCO's Bylong Coal Project in Australia. 그로 인해 더 나은 바이롱 (Bylong Valley) 계곡으로 나아갈 수 있습니다. So we can move forward with a better vision for Bylong valley.

당신은 큰 변화를 만들 수 있습니다. You can make a big change. 이 이야기를 공유해주세요. Please share this story.

아름다운 바이롱 계곡을 (Bylong Valley) 위해 함께 해주세요. Join us in a better vision for the beautiful Bylong valley.

Korean translation kindly assisted by our friends: 강유진, 김다형 and 기후솔루션 (Solutions for Our Climate)

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A Gift of Nature with Dr Jan Pokorný

Published on 4 October 2018

Which is better... the shade of an umbrella or the shade of a tree?

A random leaf falling into Dr Jan Pokorný’s beer in Bohemia, (Czech Republic), sparks this intriguing question and leads to the discovery of how trees help moderate global climate.

Jan Pokorný is the Director of ENKI (NGO), co-founder of the Rain For Climate movement as well as co-author of the groundbreaking book, "Water for the Recovery of Climate, A New Water Paradigm".

Filmed in Třeboň and South Moravian regions of Bohemia (Czech Republic), Plitviče Lakes (Croatia), Košice region (Slovakia), Bylong Valley & Mulloon Creek (NSW, Australia). With special thanks to ABC TV for Australian Story footage.

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A Drop of Inspiration - L'udia a Voda (People & Water)

Published on 1 July 2018

Michal Kravčík's story about capturing and harvesting water to rehydrate the Slovakian landscape... a drop of inspiration for the whole world!
Michal is the:
Secondary Video Sources:

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A New Beginning for the Australian Landscape - Natural Sequence Farming with Peter Andrews OAM

Published on 15 May 2018

"If the Australian landscape was better understood, we could save the world from environmental disaster." 

~ Peter Andrews OAM

Natural Sequence Farming (NSF) is a system of regenerative farming based on the science of the old Australian landscape and principles developed by Peter Andrews OAM. Find out more at

NSF takes a holistic view of water, air, soil, plant and animal interactions in the landscape. It uses natural functions where possible, or careful mimicry of them and their natural sequences, to address soil and water degradation and biodiversity loss.

Interventions to restore or enhance natural function are made either through implementation of structures or by changes to farm layout and animal management.

The implementation of Natural Sequence Farming at the Mulloon Creek at Mulloon Creek Natural Farms is using Peter’s techniques to recreate the chain of ponds that would have existed in its undisturbed state, and through this raising the streambed and the level of water in the floodplain.

Find out more at http:/ or email Peter Andrews at

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Garden of Adon at Hazelcombe Farm

Published on 16 September 2017

Adon holds a deep respect for natural systems and is re-creating a vision of Eden at Hazelcombe Farm.

He believes in working with the landscape to live in abundance with friends and community.

Come to Hazelcombe Farm for the next Sustainable Living Weekend:

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Call of the Reed Warbler - Charles Massy OAM in conversation with Costa Georgiadis

Published on 9 December 2017

Author and radical farmer Charles Massy’s new book "Call of the Reed Warbler", explores transformative and regenerative agriculture and the vital connection between our soil and our health.

According to Massy, we need a revolution — he believes that human health, our communities, and the very survival of the planet depend on it.

Charles came to the Library to talk about how he believes a grassroots revolution can save the planet, help turn climate change around, and build healthy people and healthy communities, pivoting significantly on our relationship with growing and consuming food.

Charles is in conversation with Costa Georgiadis, nature lover and host of ABC's Gardening Australia.

State Library of New South Wales, Sat 9 Dec 2017, supported by: The Saturday Paper

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Food, Family + Health: A Conversation about Food Safety

Published on 31 July 2017, filmed in March 2015

Are GMOs & Pesticides safe to have in our food supply?

We asked 3 leading international experts in an open and direct conversation at 'Pasta Amelia' in Sydney, Australia.

Featuring: Zen Honeycutt, Moms Across America; Dr Michelle Perro, Pediatrician; Dr Michael Antoniou, Molecular Biologist; Fran Murrell, MADGE (Mothers Are Demystifying Genetic Engineering) #thefoodequation

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A Change By Choice - Bruce Maynard

Published on 27 February 2017

Bruce Maynard from Willydah near Narromine in Central NSW has always thought outside the box. He is the inventor of the Regenerative Agricultural practice of 'No Kill Cropping'. His farming operations reflect a desire to demonstrate true Triple Bottom Line principles, where a balance between profit, soil and landscape function, biodiversity and a healthy social life is continually being striven for. What he has achieved with limited resources is truly remarkable and an example for other land managers to draw from in these changing times.

For more information visit:

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One Million Star Accommodation - the Hazelcombe Farm Story

Published on 4 October 2016

"Hazelcombe Farm is for us Country. We belong to it, not the other way around. It is taking us on a journey of learning and personal growth, which will only end the day we die. Purchased years ago as a rural retreat, we now realise that we are not owners, but custodians. We want to turn this farm into an intentional community where we all work on restricting the mine-ness and developing a strong sense of our-ness and an interconnectedness with all that lives and breathes, even with all that does not live and breathe. Our dream - to recreate the Garden of Eden in this tiny pocket of the Earth, and to encourage others to do the same, wherever they may be."

Nicki & Dan Power

Come to Hazelcombe Farm for a Sustainable Living Weekend:

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Saving Tarwyn Park - Peter Andrews and the Battle For Bylong

Published on 23 July 2016

In July 2016, Peter Andrews, the pioneering founder of Natural Sequence Farming, returned to his beloved Tarwyn Park with 20 horses - as a squatter. Peter is making his last stand on the land he transformed into one of the best examples of regenerative agriculture in Australia today. The legendary farm has been sold to Kepco, a Korean coal mining company, who intends to dig up the prime agricultural land of Tarwyn Park and turn the beautiful Bylong Valley into an enormous open cut coal pit. We filmed this interview with Peter as he walked the land one last time with Bruce and Richard Fleming, previous owners of Tarwyn Park... a once in lifetime experience.

"The place should be a bloody shrine, not a hole in the ground.”

~ Gerry Harvey

You can stand with Peter Andrews and help save Tarwyn Park and the Bylong Valley from coal mining. Join the Battle For Bylong at

And most urgently, please sign the petition to get Tarwyn Park heritage listed at

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Come to Navdanya - Learn Agroecology in India

Published on 17 May 2016

If you could spend one month of your life doing something special for yourself, and the planet, what would it be?

Each year, Dr Vandana Shiva's Earth University in Dehradun, India, offers a one month intensive course in Agroecology - "A-Z of Agroecology and Organic Farming Systems". The next course takes place from 15 September to 15 October 2016.

The course is jam-packed with information on healthy farming systems, soil, seeds, food and law - all taught by experts in the field, from Dr Salvatore Ceccarelli, Dr Vandana Shiva, Dr Av Singh to legends such as Will Allen, Andre Leu and Ronnie Cummins.

Make sure to send in your application early so you don't miss out on this adventure of a lifetime. For more information go to:

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Planet on a Plate - Eating and Farming for our Future - with Dr Vandana Shiva and Joel Salatin

Published on 17 May 2016

Dr Vandana Shiva, inspirational scientist, eco-feminist, and author, awarded Sydney Peace Prize, speaks in Sydney on behalf of GM-Free Australia Alliance.

Dr Shiva advocates for freedom, democracy and joy and invites us to join the global alliance for seed freedom. Featuring special appearance from Joel 'You Can Farm' Salatin and some of Australia's leading voices for seed freedom.

For more information about the GM seeds & food debate in Australia, please visit:
and the Facebook page

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