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Our Vision

We envisage a renaissance of small-scale Regenerative and Restorative Agriculture creating a sustainable food future for Australia, with deeper connections between community and nature, inspiring people to live healthier and happier lifestyles.

The Problem

Humanity is facing many challenges: extreme climate events (floods, droughts, bushfires and heatwaves), biodiversity loss, degenerated land from industrial agriculture and chronic ill health of the population.

Rural and indigenous communities have been left fragmented, leading to an ageing farming population in the country and a lack of food and water security in towns and cities.

The Solution

We believe in decentralised, small-scale Regenerative and Restorative Agriculture as the best solution to these challenges. Pioneers are leading the way forward, and many farmers have already started transitioning from degenerative to regenerative agricultural practices.

This ultimately leads to:

Healthy Land: regenerated and productive rural landscapes with flourishing biodiversity and recovering climate;

Healthy Food: increased healthy, local and seasonal food options, food security and seed sovereignty; and

Healthy People: reconnected and resilient communities across regional Australia, with more participation of diverse social groups and especially younger generations.

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